Friday, 25 January 2013

Watch my interview with Head Tony Robbins Trainer and Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon!

One of the perks of presenting my radio show is that I get the opportunity to interview world leading coaches and experts in business and lifestyle.
I thought I would share this interview that I did with Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon.  In this interview Joseph talks about the importance of deciding what it is that you want, taking continued action, dealing with negative emotions that stop you and making sure that you have the energy to follow through.
I agree with Joseph. A really great way to get inspired to move past feelings of fear and procrastination is to ask yourself "why do I want this"  and brainstorm all the reasons why you want the thing you want.  When you have enough reasons then you will stay more inspired and be more motivated to get past the emotions that may have stopped you in the past.

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